Have a Uganda-cultural-tour and visit the Entanda Cultural Center for a first-hand and personal experience and taste of the true cultural practices, norms and beliefs of the people of Uganda on your Safari in Uganda.

Activities here include: practical classes of cooking food in the traditional way, how to put on the traditional wear (gomesi), traditional hunting, the ancient courtship musical instrument, tasting of fresh honey, traditional wine processing, bicycle rides in the plantations, bark clothing making, reading competition with the school children of Entanda, a walk in the forest, games such as netball, football, board games(omweso) and skipping of ropes, educative and informative  fun-filled sex talks by the Kojja and Senga and then enjoy the traditional dishes as well as a self service buffet of fresh fruits all this in the 1-day-uganda-tour.

Tour Summary:

  1. Morning: Hunting, Ladies – Senga Session, games (netball, rope skipping, swinging), lessons on cooking
  2. Lunch Break
  3. Afternoon: Men- Kojja session, football, Gardening, Cow grazing

Tour Description

In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel by our Safari Driver and a Tour guide will brief you about this exciting one day cultural tour of the Entanda cultural center. He will drive you to Kijjude Village along the Kampala-Mityana main road.

On arrival, two groups will be formed in which you will enjoy the various day’s activities; men and women. The men will go on a traditional hunting expedition with spears, sticks, nets and any additional equipment led by guides and accompanied by dogs. During this you will traverse the forest and verdant valleys as you track down animals. This fun-filled activity does not involve killing of animals but rather offer you a chance to come close with some of the animals living in the wild as well as learn about the traditional hunting skills of Ugandans.

The women, in the meantime, will be taught how to prepare traditional meals including the tasty chicken ‘Luwombo’. Afterwards, they will be led by the senga “visit-the-bush” to have a discussion on the bedroom secrets. They will later participate in various traditional games such as netball, tree swinging, arrow-shooting and rope skipping.

Eventually all the guests will come together for a hot lunch. The food will be uniquely served to you the traditional way. There will also be a buffet of fresh fruits including Mangoes, Pineapples, Passion fruits, Sugar canes, Wild berries, Avocados, Pawpaws, Jack fruits, Guavas, Watermelons and Oranges.

Immediately after lunch, the men will ‘visit-the-bush’ to discuss with the elderly uncles traditionally known as ‘kojjas’ sharing about the bedroom secrets and the men’s roles in the traditional African family.

Later after that, Visitors will play football with the Local people (a goat will be won by the winning team and this can be roasted), do some gardening or cow grazing.

At the end of the day, our driver will drive you back to Kampala and this will mark the end of our one day Uganda-cultural-tour.

entanda-cultural-centerUseful Information

Tour Best For: Families, groups, adults and People with disabilities

What to Wear: Hiking boots, Hat and a Light shirt

Duration: One day trip (Full day or Half Day)

Location: Kijjude Village along Kampala-Mityana Road