Rock Climbing Adventures in Uganda, Karamoja prides in a number of beautiful and unique rock formations many of which you may not be able to see in other parts of the country. These offer you a great opportunity of Rock Climbing Tours in Uganda What is Rock Climbing Rock climbing is a very exciting activity during which participants get a chance to climb up, descend or climb across artificial rock walls or natural rock formations. Usually the goal of this amazing adventure is to get to the endpoint or peak

The golden monkey (Cercopithecus mitis kandti) are uncommon and a very exciting specie to observe. Similar to mountain gorillas, the golden monkeys can only be seen in three (3) countries which are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Congo in the lower slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes.  Generally the Golden monkeys weigh between 10 and 25 pounds, and their bodies have a golden body with black limbs, and agbvn h nh crown on the heads.   How many Golden Monkeys are in Uganda? The total population of Golden Monkeys in Uganda

There are only two populations of tree – climbing lions in the whole world and fortunately Uganda prides in holding one of these! The Ishasha region in Queen Elizabeth National Park is habitat to the internationally famed tree climbing lions found in Uganda which can be seen during our Safaris to see tree climbing lions. The other population though not very popular is found in Tanzania. Where is the Ishasha Area found? The Ishasha region is located approximately 432 kilometers southwest of the capital city of Uganda – Kampala.  The region is

A guide on how to remain health while on Safari in Uganda, We believe that if these precautions are closely followed well, then there is no need to worry about your health while on Safari in Uganda. Although many holidaymakers would love to visit Uganda and spend their holiday in this beautiful country – the Pearl of Africa, many are not sure on how to plan an enjoyable trip and remain healthy through their safari. Below are the best health tips to follow on your safari. Health Preparation before Traveling

A guide to taking a Budget Safari in Uganda |how to visit Uganda Cheaply | How to organize a Budget Safari in Uganda Unfortunately, any people believe that to go for a Safari in Africa, one has to save millions of money to do so, well that is not true. In this article, we offer you a guide on how to can organize and take a Budget Safari in Uganda. The good news is that these pointers not only work for those visiting Uganda but can be helpful even when

The Musambwa Islands located somewhere on Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater lake in Africa) is a very unique place where you will not find a single woman. This is a very surprising and unique thing because all over the world it’s known that there are more women than men. In fact this is one among the very few communities on the African continent with no women. The island is about five kilometers off the Landing site at Kasensero on the lake. So Who Lives on this Island? This community is

Before we share with you the top 5 unbelievable facts about the Ostrich egg, you should remember that the Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, and here in Uganda, this bird can only be seen in its natural habitat within Kidepo National Park found in the far northern corner of the country It’s the World’s Largest Egg An Ostrich eggs is the largest egg of ay known living bird being 6 inches (which is 15 centimeters) in diameter and may weigh up to 1.3 kilograms (3 lbs). This

As primate watching especially Gorilla Tracking are becoming one of the most-loved-tourist-activity in Africa in particular Uganda and Rwanda, it is very important to also remember that your personal safety is very paramount especially for such an outdoor activity commonly enjoyed by adventurous travelers. While you read through some of these guidelines we have highlighted in this article, a number of you might get the impression that primate-watching which incorporates gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, or golden-monkey tracking is a very risky and demanding activity, but fortunately that isn’t the case.

Visit the Entanda Cultural Center for a first-hand and personal experience and taste of the true cultural practices, norms and beliefs of the people of Uganda on your Safari in Uganda. Activities here include: practical classes of cooking food in the traditional way, how to put on the traditional wear (gomesi), traditional hunting, the ancient courtship musical instrument, tasting of fresh honey, traditional wine processing, bicycle rides in the plantations, bark clothing making, reading competition with the school children of Entanda, a walk in the forest, games such as netball,

The Gishwati-Mukura is Rwanda’s newest National Park, according to the conservationists who have worked really hard to see that they protect this stretch of the Congo Nile divide, this is a great success. As you plan your Safari in Rwanda, don’t forget to include it on your itinerary because it a great place to do some primate watching including Chimpanzees The History of Gishwati-Mukuru National Park Back in 2015 the government of Rwanda passed a law to establish a new national game park that combines the Mukura forest together with