How to organize a Budget Safari in Uganda


A guide to taking a Budget Safari in Uganda |how to visit Uganda Cheaply | How to organize a Budget Safari in Uganda

Unfortunately, any people believe that to go for a Safari in Africa, one has to save millions of money to do so, well that is not true. In this article, we offer you a guide on how to can organize and take a Budget Safari in Uganda. The good news is that these pointers not only work for those visiting Uganda but can be helpful even when going to other countries across the continent. Because the African continent offers so much to see do and enjoy, you do not have to pay so many millions to have an adventurous, enjoyable and life memorable experience while on your safari here.

How Can I Save Money On A Safari Tour To Uganda?

Well this is a common question that many travelers ask themselves as they begin to plan their holiday adventures.  Below we have pointed out a number of guidelines which will help you save money on your safari and yet still have an enjoyable experience.

  1. Opt to travel in a group that being a solo traveler

Whenever you travel as a group or join a group on your safari it will cut on your costs compared to when you are traveling solo. This is so because some costs such as transportation costs (which include car hire and fuel) as well as guide fees will be shared among the group. That way you will be able to save some money. The more people you are in a group the cheaper the safari will become.

  1. Book your Safari in advance:

This is very important especially if you intend to take your safari during the peak season that runs from June to August as well as from December to January.  During that season the number of holidaymakers in the country is very high, the accommodation prices have almost doubled and many are fully booked and tourist activities are all in very high gear. So in to be able to save on your budget, we advise that you book through a tour operator a couple of months early to enable them make all the necessary arrangements are reservations in time.

  1. The Choice of Vehicle to use on your Safari

Well this is an aspect that many safari goers normally miss out on. The vehicles which are well-equipped for safari with advanced features like a pop-up roof (for better viewing and clearer opportunities to take pictures) are cheaper compared to the ordinary safari cars. For instance if we compared a Toyota safari-van with a Toyota land cruiser, definitely the cruiser is more costly. Also consider the fuel consumption of the vehicle that you will use on safari. It will help you save some dollars. Don’t hesitate to inquire for all these details from your tour operator. We alwas recommend that you make your vehicle reservations through your tour operator since besides them having a variety of vehicles available, they normally offer a reasonable amount compared to those on the open market.

  1. Your Choice and location of Accommodation

This is another important thing you should put great emphasis on as making the proper choice will save you lots and lots of money. Uganda offers a variety of accommodations which range from budget, mid-range to luxury facilities and all these differ on the services offered. Also compare the cost of accommodation facilities found inside the parks and those outside the park.

Although the services offered at the luxury facilities are what every holidaymaker would dream off, well remember that we want to save on this safari- so we recommend that you either stay at the mid-range or luxury facilities. May be a quick warning: not all accommodation faculties you will find online offer good services, take time and research about an accommodation or better still make your reservation through a tour operator as they will be knowledgeable of the nice places to stay

  1. Paying for Visa

Although you can acquire a visa from your home-country, this will come with a number of additional costs including passport photo and mailing charges. However, you can save if you buy your visa on arrival at the Entebbe airport or at any of our country border entry points.

  1. Where to Exchange your money to the local Currency

Uganda uses the Uganda shilling as its local currency for majority of the transactions that take place in the country. So while here on your Safari in Uganda, you will have to exchange your money. We recommend that you do so at the forex bureau (these can be found anywhere in the large cities) as they offer favorable exchange rates rather than at your hotel or airport.

  1. Where to Eat

Well in most cases the meals at the hotel are normally very expensive. So you can decide to eat at any of the restaurants around town with a meal going for as low as $5.  Please inquire through your tour operator as they will be very helpful in the choices of restaurants to eat at.

We as Ecological Uganda Safaris can help you organize and plan a memorable safari experience and at the same time help you save some money on this safari.

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