Best Place for Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda


The golden monkey (Cercopithecus mitis kandti) are uncommon and a very exciting specie to observe. Similar to mountain gorillas, the golden monkeys can only be seen in three (3) countries which are Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Congo in the lower slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes.  Generally the Golden monkeys weigh between 10 and 25 pounds, and their bodies have a golden body with black limbs, and agbvn h nh crown on the heads.


How many Golden Monkeys are in Uganda?

The total population of Golden Monkeys in Uganda remains unclear although researchers consider that they are in greatly reducing even within the protected regions unlike the Mountain Gorillas which today are increasing.  These monkeys are subjected to similar challenges as the mountain gorillas such as human encroachment on their habitat, traps majorly set for antelopes as well as poachers.Yes, similar to Chimpanzees as well as mountain gorillas, the golden monkeys too have been habituated and for that reason they are very accustomed to human presence and will actually carry on with their day to day activities as stand marveling at them.

Today, several  people travel to Uganda to majorly visit the areas inhabited by the internationally famed mountain gorillas, however their smaller cousin the fascinating Golden Monkey also offer a remarkable wildlife experience especially since they are found very close by.

Where to See / Trek the Golden Monkeys?

Golden Monkey trekking Safaris are conducted within Mgahinga National Park hich is also home to the mountain gorillas. All our safaris are led by a guide and the tracking is done in small groups of people and will take you through the montane bamboo-forest on the slopes of the grand volcano mountain ranges.

How to take Beautiful Photographs of Golden Monkeys?

Although Golden Monkeys are somewhat challenging to capture on camera because of their swift movement, we recommend that you use rapid shutter speed plus low light because you will be inside the thick verdant forest so this will give you better snap shots.

The Golden Monkey Trekking Experience

Trekking the Golden Monkey is a very lively encounter that shouldn’t be missed specifically by persons hoping to also track Gorillas or Chimpanzees in Uganda. Visitors are allowed to spend utmost one hour with the golden monkeys marveling at them at a very close distance within their green natural habitat.  You can see them play in the verdant bamboo forest, see the mothers carry for their young and feeding on young bamboo leaves without even minding that people are watching them.

Similar to Gorilla trekking as well as Chimpanzee Tracking, Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda begins at 8am with a briefing and later setting off into the verdant wild in a small group led by a guide(s), you will trek through the Bamboo Forests as you look for the Golden Monkeys. As you walk through the forest you will come across other mammals, birds and various butterfly species. The time it will take for you to finally find the monkeys is unpredictable but on finding them you will be marveled at their exceptional beauty.

We hope to hear from you soon as you contact us to make your reservations to trek the beautiful golden monkeys of Uganda.




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