Uganda Rock Climbing Adventures in Karamoja


Rock Climbing Adventures in Uganda, Karamoja prides in a number of beautiful and unique rock formations many of which you may not be able to see in other parts of the country. These offer you a great opportunity of Rock Climbing Tours in Uganda

What is Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a very exciting activity during which participants get a chance to climb up, descend or climb across artificial rock walls or natural rock formations. Usually the goal of this amazing adventure is to get to the endpoint or peak of the rock formation without falling. Because of the length as well as extensive endurance that this activity requires, and also due to the fact that accidents are more-likely to occur during the descent than ascent, most rock climbers don’t normally second down that route. the climbers normally use their hands for balance and to support their body weight.

Generally, rock climbing is not only a physically demanding sport, but also a mentally demanding activity, and many a times tests the participant’s mental control, endurance, balance, alertness as well as physical strength.

What to pack for Rock Climbing Adventure in Karamoja

Rock climbing shoes: these should fit comfortably for best performance; however they should be well fitting to make good use of the tiny holds within the rocks.

Drink Water: this is a very vital requirement that you will need as you ascent.

Some Snacks: during the climb, you will have to take a break during which you will have an opportunity to enjoy your snack and re-energize

Helmet: these are worn to protect your head in case of any accident. In case you don’t have your own, these are available for rent at the starting point.

Ropes and other Climbing Gear: these are normally available for hire at the starting point

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