Top 5 Unbelievable Facts about the Ostrich Egg


Before we share with you the top 5 unbelievable facts about the Ostrich egg, you should remember that the Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, and here in Uganda, this bird can only be seen in its natural habitat within Kidepo National Park found in the far northern corner of the country

  1. It’s the World’s Largest Egg

An Ostrich eggs is the largest egg of ay known living bird being 6 inches (which is 15 centimeters) in diameter and may weigh up to 1.3 kilograms (3 lbs). This weight is an equivalent of 24 (two dozens of a hen’s eggs)

  1. The Eggs are Laid in a Communal Nest

These eggs are laid in one communal nest referred to as a dump-nest, and this can hold as many as 60 eggs at the same time. The dominant female ostrich lays her eggs first before the other ostriches can lay theirs as well.

  1. The Eggs are Hatch by both the Male and Female Ostriches

The ostrich eggs are hatched by both the Male and the female ostriches which take turns in sitting on these eggs. The females whose grey-brownish feathers easily blend with sand sit on the eggs during the day while the males whose black feathers that make them almost invisible at night sit on the eggs through the night. This strategy helps them camouflage and hide from their predators.

  1. Its takes one of the longest time to Hatch

Unlike most bird’s eggs, the bird of the ostrich takes between forty two (42) and forty six (46) days to hatch. This duration is quite long compared to the average hatching duration of other birds.

  1. One Egg can feed 81 People at a Time

Amazingly a single scrambled egg of an ostrich can offer 81 meals. This is because of its large size and high nutritive value.

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