With just a one day to the 3rd of June, thousands and thousands of pilgrims and tourists are arriving at the Uganda Martyrs Shrine found in Namugongo to commemorate and honor the day when the Christian martyrs of Uganda where brutally killed through burning and being beheaded by king Mwanga for their Christian Faith. This historical and religious site which is also among Uganda’s Tourist Products has become the leading site to receive the highest number of visitors at a time annually. Who will Lead and animate the 2017 Martyrs’

On Saturday 6th May 2017, the Rwanda Development Board (which is responsible for Rwanda’s tourism) announced officially an increase in the cost of Gorilla Permits from the US$ 750 to now US$1,500 and this is to apply for all foreign visitors with immediate effect. They also introduced a new special package especial for tourists interested in booking a whole gorilla family for their Gorilla Tour and this was priced at US$ 15,000. These will also be provided customized tour-guide services. This price increase however won’t affect tourists that had already

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